Review: Blood On Her Name by B. Nacole

Release: January 6th 2023
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Self-published

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Back of the Book: Officially, 17-year-old Anya is dead. Unofficially, she’s in New Orleans with minimal recollection of the night her mobster parents were murdered and even less recollection of how she ended up in the hands of a shady nightclub owner.

After weeks of failed attempts, Anya escapes with help from the son of the city’s most notorious crime boss. Using his father and his connections to produce official documents, Anya proves she is who she says, despite the death certificate, and begins to teeter the lines between avenging her parents and earning the trust of the crime family protecting her.

When Anya’s uncle quietly resurfaces, he deems her more useful dead and refuses to entertain her desire to piece together what’s left of their family. He threatens to destroy her relationships with the members and heirs of the crime family unless she becomes his personal assassin and spy.

Refusing to be a pawn, Anya forges her own path into the bloody criminal underworld to secure what’s left of her family’s empire before her uncle kills her—or before she kills him—all while navigating a blooming romance with the boss’s desperate-for-peace son, avoiding the detective that has his sights set on the family, and racing to ensure she’s exacted her revenge on those responsible for her parents deaths once it’s revealed to the world that her casket is empty.

By Alex B.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2023 is here and I’m so excited for all the new books to be discovered. Let’s kick things off with the first book review of the new year.

What a ride.

Blood On Her Name was sent to me by the lovely B. Nacole herself. I don’t usually read mafia books. This was my first introduction into the genre and I wasn’t disappointed by the results.

“She wanted her normal back, but normal didn’t include her parents anymore. Normal barely included her.”

page. 63

My favorite thing about the books is that it gets right into the action. Like, let’s not waste time. The main character, Anya, goes through A LOT in this book. For someone so young, I don’t see how she managed to keep herself together.

Anya is better than me because between all the lies, death, secrets, and betrayals, someone would’ve had to pick me up off the floor. Anya’s strength and bravery are one of the main selling points of the book. I really liked Liam, too. He was really sweet.

“Everything is fractured, Anya.”

page. 237

One of my biggest pet peeves with Blood On Her Name is the amount of characters. There were so many in the book, I genuinely don’t remember all of them. I needed a family tree or an outline of the characters. I had so many “who the hell is this again?” moments. It was overwhelming at times.

Overall, I thought Blood On Her Name was a solid debut and a nice introduction to a genre that’s unfamiliar to me.



B. Nacole resides in southern Mississippi. She can usually be found napping, befriending animals, or accidentally murdering plants. BLOOD ON HER NAME is her first book.

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